Restoring Gary Borden's Gibson GA-45

Restoring Gary Borden's Gibson GA-45

We've been on a bit of a hiatus lately working on other things - but we're back with something interesting!

Through a mutual friend (thanks Chris!) we recently met Gary Borden and he tried out our amps. He was impressed enough that he's planning to use them on some upcoming recording projects; more on this later.

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Thank You, Elmira!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table today at the Elmira Vintage Guitar Show and Swap!  We met a lot of really cool people and some extremely talented musicians.

Special thanks to Fred Tellier who put up with some mildly loud amp demos (he had the table right next to ours).  If you are in the market for a gorgeous hand-made acoustic guitar you should definitely check him out.

Now I'm going home to practice...  

Elmira Used On Two West Memphis Suicide Tracks

Audiofab's Elmira amplifier was used on two recent West Memphis Suicide tracks. The amp is in the mix on their latest single Dyin' Breed, as well on War Machine, their contribution to the Kissin' Time - Canada's Tribute to Kiss album.

Both of these tracks were recorded at The Sound Distillery in Kitchener, and they sound incredible!

West Memphis Suicide is a killer band. Check them out on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Bandcamp!

Only Two Weeks To Go!

There are only two weeks to go to the Elmira Vintage Guitar Show and Swap!  Doors are open from 9am to 3pm on Sunday, April 14th, 2013.  The address is: Elmira Lions Hall, 40 South St. W., Elmira Ontario, N3B 2Z5.

If you are planning on stopping by, download and print out this handy coupon and save yourself (and a bunch of friends) a couple bucks off the regular admission price of $7. We hope to see you there!